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Details for my commission offerings and terms of service can be found here. This page is intended to give a rough idea and examples of my work and rates. Actual rates are determined by the complexity and content of the project and may vary from the estimates shown here.

All commissions are offered under the terms that as the artist, I retain all rights to the work and you are granted a personal use license. If you are interested in exclusive use or commercial rights additional fees will apply.

I currently offer several styles of "base rate" works according to the styles and content that I typically create. You are welcome to request something that doesn't fit these categories.

2D Commissions

Base prices are for single character illustrations with simple or no backgrounds. Plan for additional cost for complex background, additional character and complex clothing. Each tier is entitled to a minimum number of updates and revisions. These milestones are intended to provide you with the opportunity to provide feedback or request adjustments to the image. Questions or clarifications I have regarding content will not count towards the entitled updates or revisions.

Simple Sketch Prompt ... $5

You give a single tweet length prompt, I give an Art. No Milestones.

Digital Use "Stickers" ... $20

1 Milestone: Sketch

Sketch Illustration ... $75

1 Milestone: Sketch

Character Illustration... $175

3 Milestones: Sketch, Lines, Final

Interlace Design ... $200-500

4 Milestones: Sketch, Lines, Color, Final

3D Commissions

I currently only accept commissions for Creatures (including monsters, dragons, anthro and body horror.) I strive to be accurate and transparent with any rates charged on an hourly basis, I will let you know at milestones of 60% and 80% of time used as well as an estimate of remaining work and time to complete it so that you can plan accordingly on how to proceed with the commission.
Printing services are available for additional fees.

Concept Sketch ... $75+

1 Milestone :Final

Character Models for 3D Printing ... $400+

4 Milestones: Sketch/Anatomy, Details, Composition/Pose, Final

3D Printing Add-on

Supporting, Printing and Shipping Physical Models. Starting at $30, depends on size and complexity.
Shipping fees at actual rates.


I accept painting commissions for models I have created, either as part of a commission or from existing designs. Price depends on size, complexity and level of detail. Starting prices only are shown.

Small/Medium (28mm)$60$120
Large (50mm)$80$160

Terms of Service

  1. I reserve the right to decline any commission requests for any reason.

  2. Prices given on my website are guidelines. The price of your commission may vary based on complexity, size, technical difficulty and if you require different licensing/terms/rights.

  3. To achieve your vision I require clear and concise reference materials. Provide any expectations you have such as particular style, composition, palette or final dimensions/resolution when requesting your commission.

  4. For commissions under $75 I require payment in full prior to Start of Work.

  5. For commissions over $75 I require a 50% deposit that is non-refundable after Start of Work.

  6. For commissions entitled to multiple Milestones, payment plans are available with work proceeding to the next Milestone once payment has cleared.

  7. Payments are accepted in USD only, with preferred payment methods being Zelle, Venmo, or Square Invoice. Other forms of payment may be accepted only with prior agreement.

  8. Upon Payment in full or Deposit, your commission will be added to my queue. I will notify you at the Start of Work.

  9. I will provide email updates on commissions per the Milestones agreed upon prior to work. You are welcome to check in when they feel it's necessary for updates, assurance, reminders, or questions.

  10. Commissions are entitled to a minimum number of Milestones as described on my examples page or to be negotiated at the time of your initial request. At each milestone the progress will be shared with you and you will have the opportunity to request revisions and adjustments. Revisions that diverge from the original description/scope of the commission may increase the time required for completion and will be billed separately.

  11. I reserve the right to reject revisions that will compromise the artistic quality of the piece or impose technical limitations.

  12. In the event you choose to cancel your commission before work begins, a fee of 10% of the amount paid in USD as a convenience fee. Deposits and Milestone payments are not refundable once work begins. If I need to cancel the commission, 100% of the original commission payment in US dollars will be refunded.

  13. I reserve the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund due to poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, or inability to communicate in clear/effective English, or unforeseen inability to complete the commission.

  14. I retain the right to display all commissioned work on any of my social media, personal website or gallery.

  15. If you’d like the commission to remain private (not ever published anywhere), an extra fee can be charged.

  16. If the commissioned work is a time-sensitive gift I can delay public showcase at your request.

  17. I retain ALL the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints, reproductions and merchandise, and to alter the commissioned work to make it more generic for print. Additional rights can be negotiated for an added fee. You retain all rights to your respective characters.

  18. Unless a commercial use contract is established, you may not profit from the artwork beyond the resale of a physical original sculpture, painting or drawing (traditional media, not digital). This includes the sale of the digital files, rights to the image, minting Non-Fungible Tokens, any blockchain or cryptocurrency related technology.

  19. Commissions are for personal use only, unless otherwise expressly negotiated. You may utilize 3rd Parties to make up to 5 prints for your personal use or as gifts. You may make adjustments such as resizing and cropping to utilize the artwork for profiles, icons, wallpapers or other graphics to be used in non-commercial digital format, but you may not alter the artwork itself.

  20. I may recycle sketches and preparatory works from your commision that were rejected for other commissions or personal works.

  21. In the event that I cannot reach you by e-mail for 3 months or more, I reserve the right to cancel your commission and retain a 10% fee on any

  22. I am not responsible for lost or damaged items sent by mail. Shipping insurance via USPS is available upon request.

  23. I make every effort to keep communication open with you. However, I may not be available to answer emails on holidays, scheduled days off work, or emergencies. If you do not receive an email reply within 7 days, I encourage you to resend your email.

  24. You must read, understand and agree to all the above terms before entering into a commission agreement with me. By sending payment, you agree to the above terms.